Currently, I’m a product designer at  . I lead end-to-end design and user research for My Care, our flagship patient engagement platform product, for both native (iOS + Android) and web.

My story

There are two things that I’ve always had a passion for: creating things and solving problems. Those passions have taken various forms throughout the years, from drawing on the walls of my parents’ house to participating in high school Math Olympics to to designing flyers and logos for various clubs in college.

My career started in strategy consulting, where I helped clients in various industries ranging from consumer products to tech to education solve business problems and create strategies for future growth. I developed a love for strategy, research-based decision making, and talking with people to unpack their problems.

I love blending my two passions together—I like to solve problems through creation (and identify new problems to solve along the way).

My credentials

Problem solving

  • Over 40 corporate strategy and due diligence projects as a strategy consultant
  • Go-to person for splitting the bill at large group dinners
  • Ability to find the best travel deals
  • Master haggler at flea markets

Creating things

  • Hundreds of PowerPoint slides featuring complex data sets distilled into insightful charts
  • Self-proclaimed professional iPhone photographer
  • Drawing and sketching as a hobby
  • Short stint in graphic design in college

Journey to design

I’ve always considered myself as an efficient and effective problem-solver. I'm a firm believer that there is always a better, more purposeful way to accomplish a task and I find joy in discovering those methods, even for ordinary things.

In my time as a strategy consultant, I’ve worked on over 40 engagements, each time learning and understanding a new industry and a new client’s specific needs and goals from the ground up. Each project typically lasted ~3-4 weeks, so I was forced to learn quickly, push the process forward even under ambiguity, and deliver results often in parallel with client feedback. I'm comfortable with the unknown, creating my own data, and deriving actionable insights from that data.

I believe that a good designer helps the user accomplish their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible, similarly to how a good consultant helps the client accomplish their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

I'm a problem-solver and a designer. I believe in iterating quickly, delivering often, and always having empathy for the user. I believe that there can always be a better way to do things and I'm on a mission to find out how.

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